EZScreen HiDef Starter Kit PLUS

Product Description

EASY DIY Screen Printing Kit with Professional Results!
EZScreen stencils can be used to silk screen on fabric, metal, plastic, wood, scrapbook, glass, polymer clay, tile, and so much more with just sunlight and tap water!

OUR FIRST FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE KIT! Select transparency type, include LED exposure light, and add plastic frame multi-pack.

Product Details:
EZScreen Basic Silk Screen Printing Starter Kit - This silk screen starter kit comes with everything you need to make a stencil. Print your design onto transparency film to create your artwork. Using the exposure board, expose your artwork to the EZScreen stencil outside in direct sunlight or select to include the Speedball LED light. Comes complete with everything you need to create stencils up to 8.5"x11". Just add your own artwork, choice of inks and plastic frames if needed.

HIDEF STENCILS: EZScreen HiDef stencils have a higher mesh count of 160, which makes it suitable for detailed images, finer lines, and halftones. It is recommended for use on hard surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal. You can achieve superb details with EZScreen HiDef stencils and the mesh pattern is less visible than Standard on hard surfaces. Some paints may not work well with HiDef, including metallic or opaque inks.

Kit Includes:
One (1) - 10.5"x13" Exposure Board Unit
Two (2) - 8.5"x11" EZScreen HiDef Stencils
Two (2) - Small EZScreen Stencil Test Pieces
Two (2) - Transparency Sheets (Ink Jet or Laser/Copier)
One (1) - Plastic Canvas
One (1) - 2" Squeegee
One (1) - Washout Brush

Additional options:
One (1) - Speedball LED Exposure Light
One (1) - Plastic Frame Multi-Size Set

Store unused stencils in a cool, dark place (like your refrigerator) and use within 6 months of purchase for best results.

LED Light
Plastic Frames Set

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