EZScreen precoated silk screen emulsion stencils are a user-friendly product for creating custom stencils to use on fabric, t-shirts, metal, wood, paper, glass, ceramic, plastic, cardboard, tile, polymer clay and more! EZScreen stencils are a unique material made from fine silkscreen mesh coated with light sensitive, water-soluble emulsion. It uses black designs printed on transparency film, sunlight, and tap water to develop.

Take your traditional silk screen, remove the metal or wooden frame, do away with all those nasty chemicals, liquid emulsion and solvents. What do you end up with? EZScreen; a simple yet innovative product for creating custom screen printing stencils without cutting. And because it's based on the old tried and true method of screen printing and photography, it's much more versatile than plastic stencils.   

However, unlike conventional screen-printing that relies on complicated chemicals and block-out paint, our mesh is already coated with a light-sensitive emulsion that only requires sunlight and plain tap water to develop. This allows you to create custom screenprinting stencils with amazing details, plus, no expensive and bulky equipment or liquid emulsions are required. EZScreen stencils are flexible and can be used on a number of surfaces with a large variety of paints.

EZScreen stencils are reusable clean up with tap water.

Anyone can use EZScreen Stencils

You don't need to be a skilled artist to use EZScreen emulsion stencils; anyone can screen print with professional results. Use it on fabric to create your own custom t shirts – just like the t-shirt printing shops. Design funny t-shirts for friends. Amaze your family members with family reunion t-shirts. Screen print custom polo shirts for club members, personalized t-shirts for your Internet business, or for school fund raising and other types of charity organizations.   

EZScreen stencils are not limited to t-shirt screen printing; try our screen printing kit to start your own screen printing business. EZScreen stencils are ideal for DIY screen printing decorative dishware, personalized coffee mugs, silk screen printing ceramic tiles; practically all ceramic or pottery projects. EZScreen stencils are very popular with polymer clay artists and particularly suited to polymer clay jewelry. They also work great on natural and coated wood; perfect for creating custom wood signs!

Create lasting memories with beautiful wedding albums or photo album covers and inserts for your baby memory books. Build creative memories with custom scrap booking pages. Use it with your rubber stamps to add a custom touch to your paper art projects. Create unique professional looking artwork with custom silk screening designs. From t-shirt screen printing, to adding a custom design on ceramic plates, let your imagination go wild!

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