How To Make an EZScreen Stencil

Making an EZScreen Stencil
Detailed instructions are included in all kits and refill packs.

DIY Custom Screen Printing
(Before exposing an entire stencil, test your process with the small test pieces provided in the black bag. If you encounter any issues, please contact us for troubleshooting assistance or view our troubleshooting page for help.)
Center artwork on the clear part of the exposure unit.


DIY Easy Custom Screen Prints
Peel clear protective backing from EZScreen™ Stencil. Discard clear backing.


DIY Custom Silkscreens
Place EZScreen™ Stencil on artwork, shiny side down.


DIY Silkscreen Exposure Unit
Place black board on top, felt side down.


DIY Personal At Home Screen Printing Kit
Add Clips. Clear board, black felt board and clips are included in all starter kits.


DIY Personal ScreenPrinting
Turnover and place cardboard insert on exposure unit. Keep the exposure unit covered until ready to expose. (Black foamie is pictured but no longer available on our website).


DIY Screen Printing Custom Stencils
Remove cardboard and Expose to direct sunlight for 1 minute (+/- 10 seconds) with transparency film . After one minute, cover exposure unit again with cardboard to prevent over exposure.
Temperature does not matter; however, summer months may take less time to expose than winter months. Exposure time may vary per location, time of day, etc.
If sunlight is not available, we strongly recommend using one of our tested artificial lights to expose the stencils. Using your own light may result in over or under exposed stencils.


DIY Easy Silkscreen Stencils
Soak in tap water for a minimum of 15 minutes. A ghost image will appear.


DIY Screen Print Stencils
Use a plastic canvas to support the EZScreen™ stencil during rinsing. Rinse with cold or lukewarm tap water. A kitchen sprayer works great. If needed, use a soft brush to remove excess residue. Be sure all the emulsion residue is completely rinsed off, otherwise the ink will not go through the silkscreen.


DIY Silkscreen Stencils
Cure & dry in sunlight. This process solidifies the emulsion to the silk screen mesh, making it permanent and reusable.
Emulsion side should be facing up towards sunlight (5-10 minutes). If it's windy, place weights on the stencil like tiles from a hardware store. Rotate the tiles so the stencil cures evenly.
Now your EZScreen DIY screen print stencil is ready to use!