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Our amazing pre-coated emulsion/mesh stencils are quick and easy to make, reusable, and have unbelievably professional results. EZScreen DIY screen printing products are based on traditional methods of screen printing but on a much smaller scale. Our custom screen printing kits are compact enough so you can screen print at home or office and require NO bulky equipment. The pre-emulsified stencils are coated with a light-sensitive emulsion that only requires sunlight, transparency film, and tap water to develop. Print your artwork on transparency film, sandwich with the emulsion sheet in our exposure board unit, and expose to direct sunlight for 1 minute. After soaking in tap water for 15 minutes, the emulsion will wash out in the design area and the stencil is ready to be used! 

Anyone can use EZScreen stencils. Our personalized screen print kits are perfect for the beginner and novice alike. Check out our line of Ready-To-Use stencils that are made with our Standard EZScreen stencils that can be used for any silkscreen project! Or, send in your artwork and let us take care of the rest by making your custom silk screen stencil.

Use our silk screen stencils on almost any surface. Whether you make your own custom stencils with one of our DIY kits or pick up some Ready-To-Use stencils with the designs you love, they can be used on most flat or curved surfaces. The most common print surfaces include t-shirts, pillows, tote-bags, canvas, ceramic & pottery, glass, wood, polymer clay, chalkboards, metal and plastic. They can be used with or without our plastic frames depending on the project, but typically only require blue painters tape to hold down during the printing process. That's right! They do not need to be adhesive for most print surfaces.


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Custom Made Stencils - Let us do it for you!


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The possibilities are endless with our line of DIY screen printing products. Check out our Customer Showcase page to see what other customers have created using EZScreen stencils or look at the Project Gallery which has step-by-step instructions on projects we've made!

  • Use our DIY screen print kits for your start-up company
  • Make customized t-shirts for your family reunion, school or camp group, bridal party, march, concert, and more
  • Use our stencils for ceramic and glass projects with curved surfaces that cannot be printed with rigid frames
  • Screen print wood signs with your own artwork/quotes or look through our selection of designs
  • View our Screen Printing Techniques page if you would like tips on different surfaces to DIY silk screen