Screen Printing on Ceramic Process Videos

Techniques for DIY Screen Printing on Ceramic, Clay & Bisque
EZScreen DIY silk screen stencils can be used for screen printing on ceramic, bisque, polymer clay, and other pottery surfaces. There are many techniques for printing on ceramic surfaces including:
  • Printing directly on clay slabs
  • Printing onto tissue paper to transfer the image to bisque
  • Screen printing onto a silicone gelli art-plate to transfer on rounded or textured ceramic pieces
  • Printing directly on leather hard clay
  • and more!

Gelli-Art Plate Method for Transferring onto Ceramic Bisque Video


Gelli-Art Plate Method for Transferring onto Wheel-thrown Pottery Video


Screen Printing Directly Onto Clay Slabs Video


Silk Screen Printing Rice Paper/Tissue Paper to Make Your Own Paper Transfers Video


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Screen Printing on Leather Hard Clay Tutorial
Screen Printing on Leather Hard Wet Clay


Super Easy Chrysanthemum Bisque Tile Step-By-Step
DIY Screen Printing Ceramic Bisque Tile


Sun & Moon Ceramic Serving Plate Tutorial
DIY Screen Printing Ceramic Plate


Additional Screen Printed Bisque Tiles
DIY Screen Printing Ceramic Tiles


Screen Printing on Ceramic Process Videos
By Amy Brummond on Instagram: @pinezenpottery

Amy uses our Ready-To-Use stencils to screen print under-glaze onto clay slabs, then hand builds her mugs and flasks.