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EZScreen products have simplified the traditional screen printing system and are a user-friendly way to screen print at home or office. Use our DIY screen printing kits to make your own personalized silk screen stencils without the heavy equipment or liquid emulsion used in traditional screen printing. Our stencils are ready to use right out of the box. No more experimenting with liquid emulsions or stretched mesh frames! All you need is one minute of sunlight to expose the stencil and tap water to soak and rinse. Don't want to expose your own stencil? Have us make your custom silk screen stencil for you! We also have a line of Ready-To-Use designer silk screen stencils that come in a variety of patterns and sizes and can be used on a multitude of surfaces. We have something for everyone and for most projects, including screen printing on fabric, making custom printed t-shirts, personalized wooden signs, silk screening on ceramic and pottery, glass printing, polymer clay projects, chalkboard printing and more. The possibilities are endless!

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 How-To Make an EZScreen DIY Screen Printing Stencil at Home or Office


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