EZScreenPrint has been an absolute game changer for my work!

The Artistic Journey of Candace Fincher

Today, we're excited to give a huge shoutout to Candace Fincher, a remarkable artist who works in watercolor and ceramics. We especially like how she seamlessly blends traditional artistry with modern techniques to create stunning, but approachable, ceramic pieces. Candace’s journey has led her to painting and ceramics where she has found her unique artistic voice.


Paintbrushes and Clay

Candace has always been an artist at heart, but it was her venture into ceramics that brought a refreshing dimension to her creative expression. Drawing from years of painting, she found a new canvas in ceramics, allowing her to express her art in dynamic ways.

The transition to ceramics was not just a change of medium for Candace but a revival of her creative spirit. She integrates digital drawing techniques, using tools like Procreate to sketch designs, which she then translates onto ceramics using screen printing. This process involves burning designs onto screens, printing on greenware, and adding intricate details by hand with underglaze.



Artistic Innovations

Her recent explorations include transferring photographic images onto ceramics, a technique that has expanded her artistic repertoire and offered new avenues for expression. Each piece showcases Candace’s ability to blend fine art with functional art, creating works that are not only visually captivating but also practical and useful.


Inspiration and Impact

Candace’s work is a testament to the power of not only facing them, but also the pursuit of new challenges. Her story is particularly inspiring for artists looking to explore new mediums or those seeking to rejuvenate their creative practices.


Candace Loves EZScreens

 When asked about how she uses EZScreens Candace said:

Ezscreenprint has been an absolute game changer for my work. As someone who does a lot of hand painting it has been so nice to be able to easily replicate a drawing onto my ceramics. I previously had my screens made by someone else but when I finally decided to try on my own I was shocked at how quick and easy the process is. I prefer to print directly onto greenware and have relied heavily on my screens for my upcoming collection. My process involves creating a drawing in procreate, burning a screen, printing directly onto greenware, then adding depth and detail by hand with a brush and underglaze. Recently I experimented with printing a photo and had great success with that too! I’m excited to continue exploring this medium!


More from Candace

You really should check out her bio on her website it is a great read.

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Candace Fincher and many other ceramic artists love using EZScreens to print on their greenware and bisqueware.

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