Introducing Custom Made Silkscreens

We now offer 3 unique DIY screen printing products so there is something for everyone!

1- Our original product, the DIY screen print kit, allows customers to make their own custom stencils using our pre-coated silkscreens in a compact, easy to use package. Choose between our Basic Kit (best seller), the Complete t-shirt screen printing kit, or the Mini kit, which is great for small prints or testing out our products.

DIY Screen Printing Basic Starter Kit

Basic DIY Screen Printing Starter Kit


Complete T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit

Complete DIY T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit


Mini Introductory DIY Screen Printing Kit

Mini (Introductory) DIY Screen Printing Kit


2- Now, we have introduced our line of Ready-To-Use silkscreen stencils that come in a variety of designs and sizes. These stencils can be used just like the stencils included in our DIY kits. Use them on t-shirts, pillows, wood, glass, ceramic, polymer clay, tile, and more. We are continuously adding new designs to suit a wide range of customers.

Ready to Use Silkscreen Printing Stencils

Ready-To-Use Silk Screen Stencils


3- If you would like to skip doing it yourself completely, email us a JPEG or PDF copy of your artwork and we will make your silkscreen stencil for you! 

Custom Made Silk Screen Stencil

Custom Made to Order Silk Screen Stencil

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