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Customer Showcase: Dr. Ellen Horovitz

Dr. Ellen Horovitz, an innovator in the integration of art and therapy, brings her artistic vision to the tactile world through EZScreenPrint's DIY screen printing supplies. She transfers her sketches onto three-dimensional ceramic surfaces, creating unique, textured art pieces that have garnered the attention of galleries across the United States. With two galleries on the East Coast and one in Los Angeles showcasing her work, Dr. Horovitz's art is a testament to the versatility of EZScreenPrint in transforming 2D drawings into tangible artworks.

Her creations range from whimsical characters, like birds in vibrant costumes, to playful narratives depicted on stoneware, marrying the depth of her artistic expression with the practicality of the medium. These pieces reflect her background in art therapy, where there is a beautiful emphasis on storytelling and expression. Her use of EZScreenPrint has allowed for precision and repetition in her designs, while the clay's texture adds a distinctive touch to each piece.


Dr. Horovitz's journey with EZScreenPrint illustrates the boundless possibilities when art meets innovative techniques, making her work not only visually delightful but also a bridge between her sketches and the galleries' patrons. Explore more of Dr. Ellen Horovitz's art on her website's gallery at [yogartherapy.com/gallery](https://yogartherapy.com/gallery).

Please visit her bio (https://yogartherapy.com/about-dr-h) to learn more about her extensive background and her therapeutic approach to art.


Do you want to be featured in a customer showcase? Send an email to contactus@ezscreenprint.com with your name, nice photos, a write up describing your work and/or process, and any social media links. If we post your work, we'll give you a $100 EZScreenPrint gift code!


Jun 14, 2024
Dallin EZScreenPrint

Hey Raylene! Sorry for the late response, I need to check the blog comments more. You don’t have to fire the clay first! Many of our customers print onto greenware as well as bisque. I’ve usually printed with underglazes, but you could also print with glaze. You’d probably want to use a glaze that is formulated for brushing so that it dries a little slower.

Apr 06, 2024
Raylene Silver

Do you have to fire the clay first? Can you use glazes on the stencils to color the clay?

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