"I’m a 30+ year graphic designer and my friend Bill asked me to design a logo for his business as a steel drum player/performer. I surprised him, then, with t-shirts, which I made with EZScreenPrint products.  When winter came, I surprised him with long-sleeved t-shirts, and a hoodie. Bill loves his shirts so much, that he wears only his Jolly Mon t-shirts 95% of the time. And guess what?  His business has boomed.  He was swamped with bookings in his first year of playing. He then asked me to print multiple shirts for him to sell at his gigs. I love your product and have since printed shirts for many different businesses. The only tip I have, is that I have to print two identical transparencies, to double the darkness of the image. My printers do not print them dark enough to work with just one transparency. So I print two, and tape them together, lining them up perfectly. This method creates the perfect screen on the first try. With that tip, I’ve had zero problems creating perfect screens."

Amazingly Simple T-Shirt Screen Printing

Easy DIY T-Shirt Screen Printing

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