Spring is in the air! No really, today marks the first day of Spring, which means it's wedding season!

I am recently engaged and I couldn't be any happier! Until, I realized how expensive weddings are. Yikes! Of course I want the big white wedding, but at what cost? I will definitely be cutting corners and "DIYing" any aspect of my wedding as I can, to save as much mullah as possible. So, I started with coaster designs. I have created one so far that will be screen printed onto wood coasters. The process is SUPER easy, I don't know who wouldn't DIY their wedding!

I searched online for design references. Using a WordDoc, I created my own custom wedding design and picked out a simple 4"x4" wood coaster. Blank coasters can be found at several sources, including online retailers and local craft supply stores. Once I made the stencil (Look here to see a tutorial on making an EZScreen stencil) I screen printed 10 coasters in a row using Speedball white screen printing ink and Standard EZScreen stencils.

I will also be screen printing mason jars to use as drinking glasses and also as flower vases. A "screen printed mason jar" tutorial will be coming soon!

DIY Screen Printed Wedding Coasters


Oct 09, 2019
Jacob Cybok

Hi! Thanks for all the info! Very helpful. I believe this is similar to cork or just might be cork. Did you use regular plastisol ink or did you use a water based ink?

Sep 16, 2019
Terri Kelly

I would also like to screenprint 300 coasters for my son’s wedding. I am worried about the ink smearing though. What type of ink should I use. Does the regular ink smear when used.

Aug 23, 2019

Can you use screen printing fabric ink and heat set? My concern is the water or humidity might rub off the ink.

Apr 19, 2016

Thank you very much for your help :)

Apr 13, 2016

Yes, for this project I did use the mini stencils. A 2" squeegee in included in the mini kit, along with 4 mini stencils and the small exposure board.

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