"I recently did a project for my parents' 40th Anniversary party. I printed a two-color design on multiple wine glasses and Collins glasses that we used as candle holders. 
This was my first time printing on glass, so I did not really know how things would go. After some anticipated trial and error, I was very pleased with the result! I followed the directions provided on your site except I found a soft squeegee worked out better than a brush in my case.
For the red, I used DecoArt Americana 3D Opaque Gloss Enamel as suggested on your site. I didn't have a ton of luck with the Americana white, so I ended up using FolkArt Wicker White Glass Enamel. It was perfectly opaque and printed nicely. So far both paints have held up on the glasses. I baked the paints to cure them and I've used/washed the ones I kept a few times so far. " -Brian


DIY Silk Screen Printing Kit at Home for Glass

DIY At Home Glass Screen Printing

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