Gel Printing Plate Method Ceramic Screen Print Video



The perfect tool for transferring EZScreen stencil designs onto ceramic! Our stencils can be used directly on most surfaces, but sometimes the best method is a gel transfer. This method is best for pottery that has a textured surface or a rounded shape instead of flat or cylindrical. In this video, I demonstrate using a 4" round Gelli Arts transfer plate and a 8"x10" Gelli Arts transfer plate to mono-print a silkscreen image design on a rounded bisque piece.

Gel Printing Plates:

Silk Screen Stencils:


Feb 16, 2024

Can I sell the pottery I have decorated with a ready-made silk screen for printing? Your website says not to produce it. I assume it is don’t make the same silk screen and sell the silkscreen, which I don’t intend to do.

Apr 17, 2020
Susi Coveney

Hi, what is the name of the powder that you used and where can I find it?
I recently purchased a gel plate and the ezscreen print sheets too,
I ´m just waiting for a sunny day to finish the process…
Can´t wait!
thank you

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