Every year on March 29th, we celebrate National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day. As a small, family owned and operated company, we work hard to provide our customers with quality products and exceptional customer service! Thank you for choosing us for your DIY screen printing needs and for your continued business over the years.

"National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day celebrates small business owners. These individuals spend countless hours nurturing and growing their young enterprises. The workload demands, and lack of a hired staff, often translates into long and late hours, and many missed family and personal events. But, all in all, they love what they do. After all, they are their own boss.

New businesses have always been a vital, yet not fully appreciated, part of the U.S. economy. On the retail side, they bring different and unique products to the marketplace. They provide stellar and personal service support. When you call, you are more likely to get a real, live person. And unlike big national chains, they know their products. They are outstanding performers in niche markets. In manufacturing, they create many new concepts and ideas, making them creators of new products.

Celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day by showing your support....shop their stores today, and everyday." - HolidayInsights.com

DIY Screen Printing - Mom & Pop Business Owners Day

Lana started EZScreenPrint back in 2004. After years of living in the Bay Area and commuting 4 hours to work each day, she realized something needed to change. But, as a single mom to a teenage daughter, it wasn't going to be easy. After a trial and error period, EZScreenPrint was born, and Lana was able to dedicate her time to growing a new business. A few years later, I was asked to help run and manage the company. Working along side my mom since 2008 has grown my appreciation for her and all her years of hard work. I am so proud to be her daughter, and to work with such an amazing woman everyday. 

We hope our dedication to this company creates trust with our customers, and future customers to come.

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