The DIY screen print stencil has been made, so now it's time to make the t-shirt!

Click this link to view DIY Alfred Hitchcock Screen Printed T-Shirt - Part 1

DIY At Home Screen Printing Stencils for Fabric

I inserted a piece of cardboard into the shirt, to prevent screen printing ink from seeping to the back. Using blue painters tape, I attached the stencil to a plastic frame.

DIY Screen Printing Stencil Plastic Frame

Then adjusted the stencil on top of the shirt.

DIY At Home T-Shirt Stencils

Using a wooden stick, I loaded a 4 inch squeegee with black Speedball screen printing ink.

DIY Screen Printing Fabric Ink

In a downwards motion, I silk screened the EZScreen stencil with the ink, making sure I covered the entire design.

DIY Screen Printing Stencils At Home

After lifting up a corner or two to make sure the ink went all the way through, I lifted the stencil off and submerged it immediately in water. (You can remove the frame before soaking in water or after).

DIY Screen Printing Emulsion Sheets

And Wallah! A finished t-shirt! Allow the Speedball ink to air dry for at least an hour before handling the t-shirt.

DIY Silk Screen Stencils Custom T-Shirts

DIY Alfred Hitchcock Screen Printed T-Shirt

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