This last Saturday, March 12th was National Alfred Hitchcock Day. In light of this unusual but marvelous holiday, I decided to make my own custom Hitchcock t-shirt. Here is my process, starting with the artwork:

I started by converting this side profile silhouette image into black and white on Paint Shop Pro version 7 (super old, I need a more recent version!) using the "Threshold" method.

DIY Screen Printed Custom T-Shirt

Once the image was edited, I opened it on a WordDoc, and created some text to make it more custom.

DIY Screen Printing Artwork

I loaded the transparency into my printer, making sure the image would print on the textured side which allows the printer ink to dry and remain permanent.

DIY Screen Print Transparency Film


DIY At Home Screen Printing Transparency Film

After I allowed the transparency to dry, I assembled the exposure board unit and EZScreen stencil for exposure.

In a dimly lit room, I peeled clear coating from EZScreen stencil.

DIY Screen Printing EZScreen Stencil

DIY At Home Screen Printing Stencils

After the silk screen stencil and transparency were put in between the clear and black board, I secured all sides with clips.

DIY Screen Printing Supplies

Follow this link to view complete How-To Make a Stencil instructions.

I exposed the screen print stencil in direct sunlight for 1 minute. If applicable, angle the stencil so it is perpendicular with the sun.

DIY Silk Screen Printing Stencils

After exposure, I submerged the stencil in water and allowed to soak for 10 minutes.

DIY Silk Screen Printing Stencil Kits

Most of the emulsion will lift off while soaking in water, but some extra TLC will be needed to remove any excess.

DIY At Home Screen Printing Supplies

Once the emulsion has been washed off and the stencil patted dry, let it cure under sunlight for 5-10 minutes (emulsion side facing up).

DIY Screen Print At Home Stencils

After the stencil has completely dried, it's ready for screen printing! View Alfred Hitchcock T-Shirt Part 2

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