Versatex Screen Printing Inks are specifically designed for silk screening, stenciling, and block printing. Though heavily pigmented, Versatex will not change the texture or softness of your fabric and it will not wrinkle or bleed on paper. 

Versatex colors are inter-mixable, water soluble, non-toxic, semi-transparent, and work best on light fabric. Colors are deepest when applied at packaged strength and become permanent when heat set properly.

These inks work great with the EZScreen Starter Kits and EZScreen stencils. Can be used on fabric, paper, wood, canvas, leather and other porous/semi-porous surfaces.

Versatex FixerFix your heat setting problems with Versatex Fixer. No heat setting necessary when you add fixer to your screen printing inks.

Versatex Screen Printing Inks

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