Copy of How-To Screen Print a T-Shirt

DIY Screen Print TShirts At Home

Screen Printing a T-Shirt with EZScreen Stencils

Detailed instructions are included in all kits and refill packs.

DIY Custom Shirt Silkscreening
Position EZScreen Silkscreen Stencil on t-shirt. Use a plastic frame for multiple printing or for preventing ink from going on the t-shirt. Attach stencil to plastic frame with tape.
Note: Place a piece of cardboard or paper inside the shirt to prevent the ink from bleeding through the other side.


 DIY Tshirt Screen Printing
Spread a generous line of Speedball Screen Printing Ink on the top part of the stencil.


 DIY Easy Screenprint Kits


DIY Screen Printing Kits 
Lift the EZScreen Silk Screen Stencil to reveal your design.


 DIY At Home Custom Screen Printing
Before the ink dries, quickly rinse the EZScreen Silk Screen Stencil using a washout brush and a plastic canvas for support.


 DIY T-Shirt Silkscreening
Completed custom screen printed t-shirt! When the ink has completely dried, heat set shirt with a dry iron or heat press.
Note: Wait one week before washing.