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EZScreenPrint Customer Showcase
EZScreen DIY custom screen printed halftone portrait images - by Kim


"I wanted to learn screenprinting in order to make fan tee shirts and tote bags for a charity auction. This required taking color photos and manipulating them in Photoshop so that they are black and white and halftones. I selected the HD stencils on your website after reading all the instructions and tips, ordered the starter kit with them and a package of refill stencils. I wanted my images to be two-tone so I made a point of inverting the image (to make a photo negative of the halftone, as it were) and then making two stencils per image. I would screen print the image that would take the majority of the paint (which was the skin of the person's image), let that dry and then approximate where the rest of the paint would go with the other stencil.

I really enjoyed learning something new, especially since I'm in my 40's and I always thought this was for young people or people with more patience. You made the process seem really user friendly and the results I've gotten (with metallic opaque fabric paints as well as regular) are fantastic.”


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