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EZScreen DIY Screen Printed Wedding Coasters


Spring is in the air! No really, today marks the first day of Spring, which means it's wedding season!

I am recently engaged and I couldn't be any happier! Until, I realized how expensive weddings are. Yikes! Of course I want the big white wedding, but at what cost? I will definitely be cutting corners and "DIYing" any aspect of my wedding as I can, to save as much mullah as possible. So, I started with coaster designs. I have created one so far that will be screen printed onto wood coasters. The process is SUPER easy, I don't know who wouldn't DIY their wedding!

I searched online for design references. Using a WordDoc, I created my own custom wedding design and picked out a simple 4"x4" wood coaster. Blank coasters can be found at several sources, including online retailers and local craft supply stores. Once I made the stencil (Look here to see a tutorial on making an EZScreen stencil) I screen printed 10 coasters in a row using Speedball white screen printing ink and Standard EZScreen stencils.

DIY Screen Printed Wedding Coasters