Customer Showcase - Jeanne, Ice Cream Float

EZScreenPrint Customer Showcase
EZScreen DIY custom screen printed t-shirts - by Jeanne


"My teen sons created an amazing ice cream boat, called The Ice Cream Float.   I use EZScreenPrint products to print all our uniforms.   We wear t-shirts and tank shirts with bathing suits to work the boat.
This boat cruises the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway in the Wilmington, NC area.  It has been a big success, partly due to the professional image we present.  Unifying all our items and our “look” by repeating our logo on the boat and on the uniforms, gives us a very polished image.

Thanks for your great screens!  Our logo is detailed, but the screen still prints great today, after printing 100+ shirts so far.  We have only used one screen this whole time."


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