Christmas in July Screen Print on Wood

DIY Screen Printed Christmas Wood Signs

DIY Screen Printing


We decided to take advantage of the Christmas in July tradition and make some exciting wood signs. These are extremely easy and fun to make with our DIY screen printing kits and stencils. Here is our tutorial on the wooden signs we made.


DIY Screen Printing Stencils

We started by creating 4 different Christmas stencils using our 8.5"x11" Standard DIY silk screens


Studio 71 Unfinished Wood Sign for Screen Printing

We purchased these 8"x10" unfinished wood pieces by Darice. We found them from several online retailers, including Amazon. 


DIY Silk Screen Printing Kits for Wood

Using Speedball Brown screen printing ink, we painted all 4 sides so it completely covered the wood.


DIY At Home Screen Printing

DIY Screen Printing

The edges of the wood piece was painted first. Without adding more paint to the brush, we filled in the rest of the piece so that the wood grain was still visible.


DIY Screen Printing on Wood

DIY Screen Printing Kits

While the ink was still wet, we used a damp paper towel and removed some of the ink from the center of the wood to give it an aged look. Once we were satisfied with the final look, the ink was allowed to air dry which took about an hour.


DIY Screen Printing Kits

We wanted this sign to be multiple colors, so we started by taping off all the text and design except for the center Christmas tree.


DIY Screen Printing Supplies

DIY Screen Printing Wooden Signs

DIY Screen Printing Custom Wood Signs

Using a 2" squeegee and Speedball Green screen printing ink, the Christmas tree design was printed onto the wood sign and allowed to dry. Once the stencil was washed, the tape was removed and replaced by covering the Christmas tree.


DIY Custom Wood Screen Printing

DIY Screen Printing on Wood

DIY Screen Printing Kits

The stencil was realigned on the wood (by lining up the Christmas tree design) and using Speedball White screen printing ink, printed the text area of the design. It's ideal to lift each corner of the stencil to make sure the ink passed all the way through the mesh, and laying it back down to go over again if there are voids. Once the print was checked and lifted from the wood, we rinsed the stencil under running water and removed the tape.


DIY Screen Printing

Once the ink dried, the Christmas star was added with Speedball Opaque Citrine screen printing ink. We added twine and jingle bells to finish the final look.


DIY Screen Printing Kits


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