Use Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

One of the most crucial parts of making an EZScreen DIY silk screen stencil is the exposure process. It is absolutely essential that you use DIRECT sunlight to burn the screen. Cloudy weather will not work. Exposing the stencil too early in the morning when the sun is at an angle as well as late in the afternoon when the sun is going down will not produce a quality stencil. It is best to burn the EZScreen stencil when the sun is directly overhead.

NOTE: Per our instructions, please test exposure time with small test pieces provided in the black bag before using an entire stencil. If you encounter any problems, please contact us right away for trouble shooting assistance. Only expose EZScreen stencils in direct sunlight; no clouds or shade. If sunlight is not available, use our tested artificial lights.

If you do not have access to direct sunlight, please use one of our tested artificial lights to burn the stencil. Many lights will work, however, determining the exact exposure time and set distance from the stencil during exposure will be hard to do. It is best to use one of the lights provided on our website as it will come with complete exposure instructions.

Choose from two lights:

DIY Screen Printing Speedball Exposure Light

Speedball Exposure Light Kit for exposing EZScreen stencils. Exposes in just 7 minutes with Standard and HiDef 8.5"x11" stencils using transparency film. 


  • One (1) - Lamp
  • One (1) - 250 watt photo flood bulb

Note: Bulb lasts about 3 hours. Replacement bulbs available


LED Exposure Light with Stand

EZScreen® LED Exposure Light with Stand comes with a long lasting LED hanging lamp fixture and legs for exposing EZScreen stencils. Exposes in just 30 minutes using transparency film. 

  • LED hanging lamp fixture
  • Wire frame stand, 23″ H x 26″ W x 12″ D
  • 5 foot plug-in cord (not recommended for international customers)
  • Full assembly and exposure instructions