Speedball Silk Screen Exposure Light Instructions

Speedball Exposure Light Kit
These instructions are for using the Speedball light kit with 250 watt photoflood bulb.
Read all instructions included in EZScreenPrint kit or refill sheets.

1. Remove both light guards; they may create shadows on your stencil if they are not removed.
DIY Silk Screen Printing Speedball Exposure Light

2. Set Lamp Height: Set the height at 16” from exposure board unit for 8.5”x11” stencil or smaller and 18” above for 11”x17” large stencil. Be certain that the light is facing straight down.


DIY Speedball Exposure Light

3. Exposing 11”x17” Large Stencil: Wrap aluminum foil around pieces of cardboard and place around 13"x19" exposure board to create a box with 4 sides. The foil should cover the length of the exposure board. Be sure that the foil does not block the light from the stencil. The foil allows the light to burn the stencil evenly, otherwise the edges may be under-exposed.

4. Exposure Time: Expose EZScreen Stencil according to the exposure time table below.

Exposure Time Table

(16 inches) 8.5"x11" or smaller, Standard or HiDef, expose for 7 minutes

(18 inches) 11"x17" stencil, expose for 9 minutes

These are basic guidelines for exposure. Use small test pieces first and adjust time if needed. Do not use paper.