Customer Showcase - Scott

EZScreenPrint Customer Showcase
EZScreen DIY screen printed bisque fired clay art piece - by Scott


"Hello and thank you for making such a simple and fun solution for silkscreening onto ceramics. Here is a project I recently completed for my daughter. It was a gift for her 16th birthday. She has an incredible passion for books so I wanted to create a vase for her that would relate to her interest. I took text from her favorite book to use as a decorative element on the vase. EZScreen stencils made it a simple and fun process and I was very happy with the results. I was amazed how much detail you can hold with these screens. For this particular piece I was looking for a more weathered look so I lightly dabbed the ceramic stain onto the bisque fired clay. Others in my clay class were so impressed with my results that 12 others jumped on board and began using EZScreens for their projects.  I soon found myself teaching a group of 12 in my class the EZScreen process. It was just that easy. 

I’m also attaching a sample tile I made with a Koi fish on bisque fired clay (before final firing). I feel this one is a good example of how much detail you can capture with these screens. Every time I use them they continue to impress me."


 DIY Screen Printed Ceramic Pottery


DIY Custom Screen Print Bisque Fired Clay


DIY Screen Printed Koi Fish on Ceramic