Screen Printing Paint Night

Unleashing Creativity: The Screen Printing Paint Night Experience

Are you tired of the same old paint nights? Looking for a unique twist to add some pizzazz to your creative gatherings? How about a screen printing paint night – a vibrant blend of art, fun, and hands-on learning, perfect for small groups of up to 6 people.

Why Screen Printing?

Traditional paint nights are fantastic, but screen printing introduces a fresh and exciting element to your creative repertoire. It's a process that combines the joy of creating something by hand with the thrill of producing multiple works of art. Perfect for getting together to make your vacation group t-shirts. Imagine the satisfaction of pulling that squeegee across the screen and revealing a stunning design that you've just printed on a t-shirt, tote bag, or piece of paper!

Perfect for Small Groups

Keeping the group small, ideally no more than 6 people, ensures that everyone gets hands-on experience and personalized guidance. It creates an intimate environment where creativity can flourish and where every participant feels involved. Screen printing also takes up space. You are probably going to want space not only printing, but also for food and refreshments. Hosting a screen print paint night with more can be done, just make sure you have plenty of space and supplies. 

No Hassle of Screen Preparation

One of the most appealing aspects of our screen printing paint night is the simplicity of the setup. Unlike traditional screen printing setups, you won't need transparencies, a dark room, exposure units, or emulsion kits. We take care of the technical part – burning designs onto screens in advance. This means you can dive straight into the fun part: screen printing!

The Supplies You'll Need

While we've taken care of the screens, you'll still need a few supplies:

    • Space: 
      • Individual Work Areas: Each participant needs a table or a workspace large enough to accommodate your medium. 
      • Space for Inks and Tools: You can give everyone a little more space, or you might want a separate table for ink mixing and palette knives/spatulas. This area doesn't have to be large, just enough to hold the inks and allow for comfortable mixing.
      • Drying: You'll need an area to lay out the finished prints as well as used screens for drying. The size of this space depends on the number of prints and their sizes. Consider using drying racks to save space. Document separators work great for drying EZScreens® on plastic canvas. 
      • Sink and Cleaning: A sink or a similar area for washing screens and tools.
  • Heat setting: Some inks need to be heat cured. Having an ironing board or area with hair dryers, heat guns, or even a heat press is a must. The heat setting step is often overlooked and becomes the biggest bottleneck. Depending on your ink, a heat press might work fastest, or you might want to make sure you have enough hair dryers/heat guns and clothes irons to keep things running smoothly. 
      • Screens with Pre-burned Designs: Ready to use, with a variety of fun and engaging designs.
      • Ink: A selection of vibrant colors to bring your prints to life.
      • Squeegees: The essential tool for pushing ink through the screen.
      • Printing Mediums: Be it t-shirts, tote bags, or paper – choose what you'd like to print on.
      • Palette Knives or Spatulas: For ink mixing and application.
      • Protective Gear: Aprons and gloves to keep everyone clean.

      The Experience

      Picture this: You're in a comfortable, inspiring space, surrounded by a few friends or fellow creatives. In front of you is a screen with a pre-made design, just waiting to be brought to life with color. You choose your ink, flood the screen, and then with a firm, satisfying swipe of the squeegee, your artwork comes to life. It's immediate, it's exciting, and best of all, it's created by you.

      Why It's Special

      Screen printing paint nights are not just about creating a piece of art; they're about experiencing something new and sharing that journey with others. It's about the laughs when the first print doesn't go as planned, the high fives when you finally get it right, and the pride in holding up your creation, knowing it's one of a kind.

      Perfect for All Occasions

      Whether it's a friends' get-together, a team-building event, or a family bonding session, a screen printing paint night is versatile. It's suitable for artists and non-artists alike, offering a fun and engaging experience for everyone.


      Switching up the traditional paint night format with screen printing is not just a creative decision; it's an adventure. It's an opportunity to learn a new skill, to bond, and to create something truly unique. So, gather your group, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to make some art – screen printing style!