Winter is coming, and that means less direct sunlight to expose your EZScreen™ stencils. But that doesn't mean you should put your project on hold!

There are other options for exposing your screen print stencils. And while we don't recommend using an artificial light source that may be laying around your house, we do offer two light kits on our website. They have been tested extensively with our stencils, and both lights will come with full exposure instructions.

Here are our recommendations when deciding which artificial light to choose from:

1 - Speedball Light Kit

The Speedball light kit is inexpensive and we stock the photoflood replacement bulb. Exposure is just 7 minutes with this light, and the bulb lasts around 3 hours. It may not seem to last a long time, but you can burn around 20 stencils on average. We recommend using this kit if an artificial light is just a temporary option when direct sunlight is not available.

2 - EZScreen™ Exposure Light Table

This double tube fluorescent light kit takes 20 minutes to expose Standard stencils and 40 minutes to expose HiDef stencils. The 24" bulbs can last several years, and while it is more expensive than the alternative light kit, we recommend using this light if it will be your main source of burning the EZScreen™ stencils. We do not carry replacement bulbs at this time but may in the future.

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