Retired software engineer-turned-glass artist, Ilene Goldman embraces the fusion of technology and art in the scenic Hudson Valley. Her transition from code to kiln-fused glass designs is marked by innovation, using EZScreenPrint stencils to imprint her distinct logo across diverse media, from glassworks to watercolors.


Ilene’s enthusiasm for EZScreenPrint extends to their ready-to-use stencils, enhancing her creations with exquisite designs before the transformative fire of the kiln. Her craftsmanship is a dance of hands, mind, and heart—echoing the ethos of artist Louis Nizer—Who she quotes under her email signature:

"A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist."
-Louis Nizer

Her process for finding artwork includes looking for classic artwork that are in the public domain: "I enjoy creating my own stencils using your blank stencils. I use designs by Dover or designs I buy from ETSY. All images I use are copyright free designs. It's so easy to make your own silkscreens. I choose a few of the designs  and place them onto the blank stencil, and following your simple instructions, expose to light then rinse in water and let dry. I enjoy watching the designs come to life while the sheet is soaking in water.

Attached (below) is one of the copyright free designs that I used. I silkscreened the design onto my glass using black enamels and fired it. In order to retain those crisp black lines, I had to reverse paint the design, using different color enamels, and then fire the piece again. My logo, in the lower right corner, was also made into a silkscreen and stenciled onto the glass.


Ilene also uses an EZScreen screen printing stencil with her logo to mark her artwork pieces. "I was looking for a way to put my logo onto my fused glass designs. I tried making it into a rubber stamp, but the rubber didn't take the enamels well. I then decided to try and create a stencil of my logo using your blank EZScreenprint stencils. That worked perfectly! I can now silkscreen my logo onto all my fused glass items and also silkscreen the logo, using acrylic paint, onto my watercolors."



She not only uses her logo stencil to mark her enamel pieces(In gray frame below), but also watercolor paintings as seen below (White border):



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