Screen Printed Ceramic Bisque Tiles

We get calls and e-mails all the time about screen printing on ceramic but unfortunately we don't know the first thing! Our customers have provided feedback and made YouTube videos showing our product on ceramic and pottery. We decided to head to a local ceramic studio and try it out ourselves!


DIY Screen Printing On Ceramic

We started off with simple one and two-color bisque tiles. This was our first attempt screen printing on bisque using our Multi Mandala Ready-To-Use stencil and black under-glaze (Duncan Concepts brand). The stencil was laid on top of the tile, and printed using a flat artist brush. As simple as that!


DIY Screen Printing on Ceramic Silk Screen Stencil

DIY Screen Printing Ceramic Silk Screen Stencil

On another tile, we used a yellow under-glaze and gave it 3 coats. Our Geometric Swirls stencil and black under-glaze was used on top.


DIY Ceramic Silk Screen Printing

DIY Ceramic Screen Printing Silkscreen Stencil

Lastly, this tile was also coated with a yellow under-glaze, and screen printed in a wine color with our Abstract Floral ready-to-use stencil.


DIY Screen Printing

The pieces were clear dipped and placed in a low fire kiln for 24 hours.


Sep 17, 2021

I make canvas floorcloths. The canvas is primed then painted with latex paint. I was thinking , instead of hand painting would I be able to use the silk screening technique? I would have to polyurethane over the image.

Jul 31, 2020
Karen S Rice

I have tried this twice now with the Mr Right and Mrs Always Right screen print stencil and it keeps bleeding. What am I doing wrong? I’m using black underglaze. The first time I tried to use 3 coats but thought that must be why it bled. This time I used 1 and while the bleeding wasn’t as bad, it still bled and looked bad. This is a wedding present so I need it to be great.

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