Customer Showcase - Joseph

EZScreenPrint Customer Showcase
DIY screen printed stained glass commissioned art- by Joseph


"Joseph's aim is to merge contemporary imagery with the time-honored processes of painted stained glass, a material with a powerful spiritual history. This technique was originally created by Medieval stained glass artists, and used enamel paints which were made of ground glass, metals and pigment. These paints were applied to the glass surface then kiln fired at a temperature of 1300 degrees fahrenheit (700 degrees celsius). Once cooled, the glass was soldered together. Joseph updates this historic process by incorporating silk screening using EZscreens, along with hand painting and airbrushing, techniques Medieval artist only dreamed of using. His finished art is set into wall hung light boxes with internal LED lighting."


DIY Screen Printed Stained Glass


DIY Screen Printing on Glass


DIY Glass Screen Printing

14" x 14"

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. Currently in a 61+ year long reign of the British monarch. This portrait shows a young elegant Elizabeth, when she was first proclaimed queen in 1951. The design mixed with graphics from Europe and typography of the letter “Q”, and is made of multiple layered silk-screened stained glass, some tiles are 3 layers deep.