DIY Designer Silk Screen Stencil Big Dipper Jar

Big Dipper Jar, Various Sizes

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Introducing our enchanting Ready-to-Use screen printing stencil design, featuring a whimsical blend of nature and the cosmos captured within the silhouette of a classic mason jar. This design fuses rustic charm with a touch of mysticism, as it encapsulates a serene forest scene with towering pines set against a backdrop of a crescent moon and twinkling stars.

The majestic beauty of this stencil design is its simplicity and versatility. Styled with clean lines and a balanced composition, the mason jar serves not just as a container, but as a frame, inviting the eye to marvel at the picturesque landscape within. The calming scene evokes a sense of peace and wonder, making it a fun and unique print for a variety of surfaces.

Imagine wearing this serene forest design on a shirt – it's a statement piece that speaks to the dreamers and nature lovers alike. Printing it onto a wooden plaque could transform the piece into wall art that brings a touch of the outdoors into your home. When applied to glass or ceramic pieces, the design could become a show-stopping centerpiece or a cherished, functional work of art.

Choose this Ready-to-Use screen printing stencil design for your next DIY project, and delight in the joy of creating something that captures both the wildness of the woods and the expansive universe, all with the ease of a ready-made stencil. Whether for personal enjoyment or as a handmade gift, this stencil design will surely leave an impression on crafters and recipients alike.

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About Ready-to-Use Screen Printing Stencils

EZScreen Standard Stencils are typically used for fabric such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags and other porous surfaces like polymer clay, ceramic, wood, cardboard, and paper.

Use Ready-To-Use stencils with most screen printing inks, including regular primary, metallic, and opaque inks. Even ceramic paints, under glazes, acrylic and enamel paints can be used. Be sure to use ink or paint with a pudding-like consistency to avoid bleeding. All Ready-To-Use stencils are made with Standard EZScreen stencils and have a mesh count of 110.

Our stencils are royalty free for personal and commercial use. Ready-To-Use stencils may not be digitally copied or reproduced. All artwork sold by EZScreen is protected by copyright infringement laws.

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