DIY Silk Screen Printing


Ready-To-Use CHRISTMAS Silk Screen Stencils 3

Ready-To-Use CHRISTMAS Silk Screen Stencils

DIY Christmas Design Silk Screen Stencils

View our catalog of beautiful and unique Christmas design stencils. Some available in 3 sizes.


Christmas Tree Ho Ho Ho

DIY Silk Screening Christmas Tree Design Stencil


Merry Christmas Ornament

DIY Silk Screen Merry Christmas Ornament Design Stencil


Jingle Bells Ornament

DIY Christmas Design Silkscreen Stencil Jingle Bells Ornament


Christmas Collection

Ready To Use Christmas Collection Design Silkscreen Stencil


A Very Merry Christmas

Ready To Use Very Merry Christmas Design Silk Screen Print Stencil


Merry Christmas Calligraphy 

DIY Christmas Design Silk Screen Stencil Merry Christmas Calligraphy


Season's Greetings

DIY Christmas Design Silkscreen Stencil Season's Greetings


Merry Christmas With Reindeer

DIY Christmas Design Silk Screen Stencil Reindeer


Folk Art Christmas Tree

DIY Silk Screening Christmas Stencil Folk Art Tree


Christmas Typography Design

DIY Christmas Silk Screen Print Stencil Reindeer Design


We Wish You A Merry Christmas

DIY Silk Screen Printing Christmas Tree Design Stencil

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DIY Ready To Use Silk Screen Design Stencils


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Jacquard Screen Printing Inks

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Jacquard Screen Print Inks

Jacquard Screen Print Inks
These professional, permanent screen printing inks can be used on a wide variety of porous and non-porous surfaces. Ideal for commercial applications, they have a soft hand and a long open time, giving the user more time to work with individual colors.

Jacquard Opaque Screen Print Inks

Jacquard Opaque Inks
These inks are archival and lightfast with much less water content compared to other water-based inks, allowing for superior detail and coverage. Use Jacquard opaque inks on dark fabrics and surfaces.

Versatex Ink Fixer

Versatex Fixer
Fix your heat setting problems with Versatex Fixer! No heat setting necessary when you add to Jacquard or Versatex screen printing inks.


Versatex Screen Printing Ink Set

Versatex Ink Sets
The Versatex Screen Printing Ink Set includes 8 jars of semi-transparent printing inks. They are inter-mixable and produce vibrant colors on fabric and paper without wrinkling. 


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Techniques for DIY Screen Printing on Glass 0

Techniques for DIY Screen Printing on Glass


View EZScreen products that work on glass.

EZScreen DIY silk screen stencils can work on a multitude of surfaces, including curved surfaces like glass, plastic, and metal. After creating glass projects ourselves, we realized that not all glass paints are created equal, and there are certain techniques that help the project turn out better. Here are some of our suggestions when screen printing on glass:

1 - The type of paint matters

  • We went through multiple brands of glass paint and came to the conclusion that Liquitex Professional Acrylic Paint work the best and can be found relatively easily. Other store brand acrylic or enamel paints will leave bubbles or bleed under the stencil during printing. However, we had the best results with Liquitex. 

Liquitex Professional Acrylic Paint


  • Color Line paints and pastes are the best professional grade enamels for screen printing on glass. These glass paints require firing and are used by artists for their high pigmentation. 

Color Line Glass Paints

  • Another tip is mixing Speedball screen printing ink with store bought acrylic or enamel glass paints. Somehow, adding Speedball ink eliminates bleeding issues than just using the acrylic or enamel by itself. But by doing this, the ink/paint combo will not be permanent on the glass surface and will require a clear coat to seal it in. 

 2 - Use a brush or soft squeegee

  • When applying the paint on a curved or hard surface, we recommend using an artist brush. A regular squeegee may be too rigid. Other customers have found using a soft squeegee worked well for them. Everyone develops their own preferences and techniques depending on the project.

 3 - Use spray adhesive

  • It is extremely important for the stencil to have complete contact with a glass surface during printing. If the stencil is dry, then the paint will bleed and the results will not be pretty. Apply a light spray of the repositionable glue on the underside of the stencil and rub away any air bubbles once placed on the glass surface (we found Aleene's Repositionable Tacky Stencil Spray to work well). After printing with glass paint, remove the stencil immediately and place in a bucket of water or wash off in the sink. The stencil will remain tacky if repositionable stencil spray is used.
  • Be sure to use a tacky spray that sprays a light mist. If the spray comes out chunky, it could clog the screen and block the paint from passing through the stencil.

4 - HiDef EZScreen stencils

We recommend using HiDef emulsion stencils when printing on hard surfaces, especially glass. The higher mesh count in the high definition stencils are less visible than the more open mesh in the Standard stencils. Because HiDef screen print stencils have a higher mesh count, you can achieve more detail in your designs. Choose between our Basic Starter Kit with HiDef stencils, or our Mini Starter Kit with smaller HiDef screens.


DIY Screen Printing On Glass Beer Mug

  • Sloane Garwood

DIY Screen Printing Techniques 0

DIY Screen Printing Techniques

Check out our various helpful pages on tips and tricks to screen printing on different surfaces.


1 - Screen Printing on Ceramic, Clay & Bisque

DIY Screen Printing On Ceramic


2 - Screen Printing on Wood

DIY Screen Printing on Wood Signs


3 - Screen Printing on Glass

DIY Screen Printing On Glass

  • Sloane Garwood

How-To Screen Print a T-Shirt 2

How-To Screen Print a T-Shirt Step by Step 

DIY Screen Printing Custom T-Shirts Supplies
Start by gathering your supplies:


 DIY Screen Print Custom T-Shirts
Position EZScreen Silkscreen Stencil on t-shirt. Use a plastic frame for multiple printing or for preventing ink from going on the t-shirt. 
Note: Place a piece of cardboard or paper inside the shirt to prevent the ink from bleeding through the other side.


DIY Screen Print Custom T-Shirt Plastic Frame
Attach the EZScreen stencil to the plastic frame using blue painters tape. This step is optional, and a plastic frame does not need to be used for every project.


 DIY T-Shirt Screen Printing Kit
Using the popsicle stick, add a generous amount of screen printing ink to the squeegee. 


 DIY Screen Printing Kit
Spread screen printing ink over the stencil until the entire surface is coated.


DIY Screen Printing
Lift the EZScreen Stencil on each corner to check for voids (this step is easier without a plastic frame). If there are areas of missing ink, lay the stencil back down and go over that area again with the squeegee and more ink.


 DIY Screen Printing Kits
Before the ink dries, quickly rinse the EZScreen Silk Screen Stencil using a washout brush and a plastic canvas for support. Blot excess moisture with paper towels and lay stencil emulsion side up to dry. For multiple printing, skip this step and lay the stencil onto the next item to be printed. Wash out the stencil when the ink becomes difficult to push through the stencil, as ink will begin to clog the silk screen mesh.


 DIY Screen Printing Custom T-Shirts
Completed custom screen printed t-shirt! When the ink has completely dried, heat set shirt with a dry iron or heat press.
Note: Wait one week before washing.
  • Sloane Garwood