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New Ready-To-Use Silkscreens 0

We are continuously adding new designs to our collection of Ready-To-Use silkscreen stencils. Today we have added 6 designs including these Decorated African Elephants available in all 3 sizes! Check below for the 5 other new additions.

DIY Screen Printing African Elephant Silkscreen Stencil


Rose Pattern Stencil

DIY Screen Printing Rose Pattern Silk Screen Stencil


Abstract Cogs Stencil

DIY Screen Printing Abstract Cogs Silk Screen Stencil


Traditional Thai Elephant Stencil

DIY Screen Printing Traditional Thai Elephant Silkscreen Stencil

Fancy Tree Stencil

DIY Screen Printing Fancy Tree Silkscreen Stencil

Flower Arrangement Stencil

DIY Screen Printing Flower Arrangement Bouquet Stencil

Screen Printed Hot Rod Garage Wooden Sign 0

Screen Printed Hot Rod Garage Wooden Sign

DIY Screen Printing Kit - Silk Screen Wood Sign


Screen printing on wood is actually a very easy process (in case anyone thought it was intimidating or complicated). I created the image myself using a Hot Rod clip-art image and creating the text all in a WordDoc on my PC. I'm pretty impressed with how it came out, and I did reference vintage hot rod posters for the artwork.

Once my design was created, I printed it on my HP Officejet printer using ink jet transparencies. If you need help with the transparency/printer process, here's a how-to tutorial to get you started.

Using my printed transparency, I made the silk screen stencil following the step-by-step instructions. Once that was finished, I started working on the wood sign.

For the base color, I applied a thin layer of Speedball screen printing ink in Peacock Blue on a plain 8"x10" wood plaque found at my local Michael's craft store. I wanted to see the wood grain through the ink so only one layer was applied. Once it dried, I positioned the stencil over the plaque and got it centered. No adhesive or tape was used. Holding the stencil in place with my left hand, I screen printed black Speedball ink with a 4" squeegee over the stencil. I typically check for voids before removing the entire stencil, but in this case I was going for an aged or vintage look so I didn't mind any small areas that didn't get enough ink. The stencil was rinsed off and the wood sign air dried for about an hour.

Voila! My project was finished and it didn't take more than a few minutes of actual physical work. Since this sign is staying indoors, no clear coat was applied.

If you'd like to see a step-by-step tutorial of the screen printing process, check out my other blog post on printing a mandala wood coaster.

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Silkscreens for Days

DIY Screen Printing Kits

Here is another great company whose products you’ll want to check out. The silkscreens seen here are from a new partner of ours, EZScreen. This mother-daughter business has been working with silkscreens for years but recently they have been researching the needs of the polymer community and now offer a line of great silkscreen designs—dozens and dozens of them—ready for you to snatch up. But what is unique about them is that the pre-made screens are not their primary product.

The central product for these ladies is actually a DIY silkscreen kit that allows you to make silkscreens of your own design or, if you prefer, they will make the screens for you, from artwork you send to them. Cool right? Now, that is my kind of thing! There is nothing like having your own signature patterns to work with because you absolutely know no one else is going to be popping up with those same patterns on their work.

I have not yet gone through the process of ordering these custom-made stencils or trying their kit but I’ll be ordering some when I get home to California next week. You can get started by going to their web page for their DIY screen print kits or here for the custom-made stencil information or this page for pre-made designs.

Go have fun! Keep in mind, they have a customer gallery on their webpage and there’s no polymer work there yet. Let’s get some up there!

-Sage Bray of of The Polymer Arts Blog

  • Lana Simmons

Ready-To-Use Silk Screen Stencils - Size Options 0

Our new product line Ready-To-Use silk screen stencils not only come in a variety of designs, but most stencils have multiple size options! The largest size is the Regular, measuring 8.5"x11", then Medium 5.5"x8.5" and the Small 4.25"x5.5".

These stencils can be used on t-shirts, tote-bags, pillows, ceramic, wood, glass, polymer clay, metal, plastic, and more! Use them over and over again, on different surfaces and with different inks or paints. The possibilities are endless!

If you can't find a particular design, contact us and we can make a custom stencil for you (artwork provided by customer) or we can look into adding the design to our available library.

DIY Silk Screen Printing at Home

Pictured above: Leaves Doodle Ready-To-Use Stencil in all 3 sizes.

  • Sloane Garwood

"Talking Out Your Glass" Podcast ft. Joseph Cavalieri 0

DIY Silk Screen Printing on Glass


Glass Art Magazine's "Talking Out Your Glass" Podcast

"Joseph Cavalieri’s merging of contemporary imagery with the traditional processes of painted stained glass has resulted in a highly recognizable and unforgettable body of work. Using an art form with a powerful spiritual history, the artist pays homage to historic fables, contemporary pop art, and human and architectural icons in autonomous panels that often combine detailed narrative and humor."

Joseph is the focus of Glass Art's latest Talking Out Your Glass podcast. We are featured as a sponsor as Joseph incorporates EZScreen stencils into some of his work. View more photos and information on Glass Art's website and check out the podcast on iTunes or on Stitcher!


View Joseph's Customer Showcase on our website to view more photos of his incredible work.

  • Sloane Garwood

DIY Silk Screen Printing On Wood 0

Here is a quick and easy how-to for printing directly onto wood. All materials and techniques will be provided throughout the tutorial.


DIY Silk Screen Printing At Home

I started by gathering all the materials needed, and for this project, it isn't much!

Mandalas & Mehndi Lace ready-to-use silk screen stencil, medium size

Speedball screen printing ink, white

4"x4" wood coaster (with a 3.25"x3.25" printing surface) purchased at a local craft store

1" artist brush


DIY Silk Screen Printing Stencil for Wood

 The silk screen stencil was positioned over the wooden coaster. The stencil designs can be cut into individual pieces, but I kept the stencil intact. Blue painters tape can be used to hold down one side or all four sides depending on the type of surface. For this project, I simply held the stencil in place while spreading the ink. It did not move or shift.


DIY Silk Screen Printing for Wood

The brush was dipped into the Speedball ink jar, and applied to the top of the stencil. The stencil was held down by one hand while the other applied the screen printing ink (but I had to borrow one hand to take the picture).


DIY Silk Screen Printing Stencils For Wood

Once the ink was spread evenly over the stencil, I lifted up the stencil slightly to check for any voids. The ink passed through perfectly so the stencil was lifted completely off and placed in water.


DIY Silk Screen Printing On Wood

Voila! A super easy screen printing project on wood. It took less than 5 minutes from set-up to clean-up to finish this cute little coaster. Allow the ink to completely air dry (about an hour) and spray with a layer of clear coat to seal in the ink. This would be a great project for the "DIY bride" making wedding coasters or a great addition to home decor!

  • Sloane Garwood